1. Warrior Pad Voted Best Mid-Sized Bouldering Pad By UKC

    Warrior Pad Voted Best Mid-Sized Bouldering Pad By UKC

    UK Climbing Group Test: Mid-Sized Bouldering Pads

    Bouldering mats have come a long way since the beer towel and improvised mattress. Not only do modern mats give a better quality landing, they have also got bigger, been made easier to carry, and boast useful extra features. Whilst most pads are based on the same fundamental design, the details can still differ a lot. This test highlights the range of options currently available.

    Here are some of the things we look for in a quality mid-size bouldering mat:

    • Foam Quality: The foam is the bread and butter of the pad - it should be stiff enough
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  2. Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas

    Finding the ideal Christmas gift can be stressful at this time of year, so we thought we would make it easier for you.

    Here's a few ideas so you can give your climbing buddy a gift they deserve. 

    The Moon 159 inspirational Heritage Tee, made from soft and stretchy fabric, or maybe the Samurai Shorts, lightweight and quickdrying. Either one would perfectly pair up with the Moon Beanie, a cosy hat to keep your head snug in the cold season. 

    159 Heritage Tee (Purple Potion) $32.00
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  3. MoonBoard - the worldwide climbing phenomenon

    MoonBoard - the worldwide climbing phenomenon

    Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat, legends of the climbing community, tell us how the MoonBoard is a universal phenomenon that pulls people together from all around the world. It enables people to train together and connect globally by trying out or creating their own problems on the MoonBoard App. 

    All in all, the MoonBoard is an exceptional way to train or climb and have great fun. 

    Train Hard, Climb Harder!

    Freestanding MoonBoard
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  4. Peaches Preaches : Hardtimes on the MoonBoard

    Peaches Preaches : Hardtimes on the MoonBoard

    Original article in Climb Magazine by James Lucas

    Istumbled into the Shrimpshrine, a co-op home gym in Salt Lake City. It was winter 2014. The shrine was kitted out with weights, a few hangboards, strange sideways campus boards, a stereo, and a mattress. Nik Berry, a member of the Shrine Crew, and I passed all the other equipment on our way to the garage’s Moonboard. While it snowed outside, we thrashed our fingers on the first Moonboard in the US.

    The Moonboard originated in the School Room in Sheffield, a training facility for rained-out U.K. climbers. This old school building cranked out some of the strongest Brits like Ben Moon, who established Hubble at Raven Tor, the world’s first 8c+/5.14c, the exceptionally strong Stuart Cameron, Jerry Moffat who made the first ascent of Dominator (V1

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  5. 6 Shoulder Stability Exercises for Climbers by Olivia Ratcliffe

    Why train shoulder stability. Why do these tedious, boring exercises? Well, for one it reduces your risk of shoulder injury, and two, it can enhance your climbing performance and ability. There's two good reasons for a start! 

    Most climbers focus on getting stronger, doing pull ups, muscle ups, lock off training and weighted dead hangs. These training methods will get your mobilising muscles stronger, however, what about the stabilising muscles? Stabilising muscles work at a lower intensity for long periods of time. They help with posture and also help the mobilising muscles to function better, therefore making you stronger. The rotator cuff muscles work to stabilise the shoulder. One study found that a decrease in rotator cuff muscle force, resulted in a greater humeral head displacement, making you more susceptible to shoulder injuries. In climbing this is very common and this means a lack of shoulder flexibility, which again isn't great for climbers. 


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