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  • Warrior Pad Voted Best Mid-Sized Bouldering Pad By UKC
    Warrior Pad Voted Best Mid-Sized Bouldering Pad By UKC

    UK Climbing Group Test: Mid-Sized Bouldering Pads

    Bouldering mats have come a long way since the beer towel and improvised mattress. Not only do modern mats give a better quality landing, they have also got bigger, been made easier to carry, and boast useful extra features. Whilst most pads are based on the same fundamental design, the details can still differ a lot. This test highlights the range of options currently available.

    Here are some of the things we look for in a quality mid-size bouldering mat:

    • Foam Quality: The foam is the bread and butter of the pad - it should be stiff enough
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  • No Time to Train by Paige Claassen
    No Time to Train by Paige Claassen

    This article was taken from Evening Sends .

    I first tried Necessary Evil in 2014 while project shopping on a trip to the Las Vegas region. I had originally arrived with the intention of trying to climb 5.14d (9a), but quickly realized, as I have many times before, that the significance of the route matters more to me than the grade.

    Necessary Evil ticked all the boxes - it’s an iconic line with a rich history, it has held its grade of 5.14c (8c+) over many ascents and attempts by climbers around the world, and sits on one the USA's most stunning limestone walls. I’ll admit, the Virgin River Gorge is not the most serene locations, but the nearby highway has never bothered me, neither did the sharp crimps or bottom boulder section.

    It was always the upper crux - which is actually the same crux as Route of All Evil (

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  • MoonBoard - the worldwide climbing phenomenon
    MoonBoard - the worldwide climbing phenomenon

    Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat, legends of the climbing community, tell us how the MoonBoard is a universal phenomenon that pulls people together from all around the world. It enables people to train together and connect globally by trying out or creating their own problems on the MoonBoard App. 

    All in all, the MoonBoard is an exceptional way to train or climb and have great fun. 

    Train Hard, Climb Harder!

    Freestanding MoonBoard
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