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Holds Bundle
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Holds Bundle
Holds Bundle

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    Due to unprecedented international demand for the holds the lead-time will be approximately four weeks. With an eye to the future, we've improved not only the quality and range of the collection, but the versatility of the system. We designed two new sets of 50 School Holds, allowing the creation of new problems that utilize one, the other, or both sets together on the same board. We kept the designs simple and effective, looking for the maximum training potential at a given price with the highest possible quality. Each hold comes with a built in washer for strength, MOON logo, number, and orientation marks to enable replication of our problems on any MOON Board anywhere in the world. Each hold will accommodate both button head and counter sunk bolts. The largest holds also come with a ready-made counter-sunk hole so you can easily add a screw as a precaution against spinning. Our two new sets of 50 School Holds were made to compliment our 40-degree overhanging MOON Board and were carefully sculpted with relatively low profiles for space-constrained woodies. As such they are intended for use by intermediate to advanced climbers. However, they are versatile enough to enhance any climbing structure from about 10 to 45 degrees past vertical. Bear in mind that we didn't include any jugs in these collections! The Original School Holds The full set of School holds contains 40 hand holds and 10 footholds and allows you to create an exact replica of the School Room board and problems. Power Grips Screw-On Holds Creativity is the name of the game with screw-on holds like the MOON Power Grips. You can make the most of your climbing space by screwing these near the edges of your wall and anywhere that t-nuts are absent. Outside corners are easily utilized to create pinches and side pulls. You can even screw the Power Grips onto larger holds or volumes to further mix up existing options, making these an essential addition to any wall. BOLTS AND T-NUTS NOT INCLUDED School Set A: 50 holds, all the same color. Fixings not included. School Set B: 50 holds, all the same color. Fixings not included. Each set of Power Grips contains 68 holds.
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