Back in the 1980s, Ben Moon, frustrated by limited training facilities, boarded out his cellar in a small terraced house in Shefield, screwed some slivers of wood onto it, and the rest is history. This small cult activity, that grew up around him and his contemporaries took time to take hold, but exploded in the 2000s as bouldering seized the imagination of more and more of climbing’s young guns. Today bouldering walls and climbing gyms have sprung up in most urban centers. But how to satisfy the voracious demand for new problems? Enter the MoonBoard. 


Compact, simple in design, quick to build and fun to use, the MoonBoard embodies the most effective strength training tool for climbers. Measuring just 8.06 ft wide by 10.40 ft high and angled at 40 or 25 degrees, it comes with a set of clearly numbered holds in the style of crimps, pinches, slopers and pockets.

Holds can be combined in an endless array of sequences and orientations. Coupled with and the free MoonBoard App, they give MoonBoard users access to problems set by pros, heroes or just friends from all over the world.

Fully interactive, the app allows users to add their own problems and sort existing ones. They can log all their ascents, including the number of tries a given problem took, and then challenge others on the same routes.

Already the ranks of MoonBoard users are swelling - over 10,000 new problems added in the first 10 months - and new features being added as the global community of users grows.


LED MoonBoard is a revolutionary training system for climbers. Each MoonBoard is an identical short climbing wall made to precise specifications. Typically, a climbing path from hold to hold is dificult to visualize, but with the LED MoonBoard, lights identify every hold.

A mobile app controls the lights, accessing a global database of climbs previously uploaded by a community of MoonBoard users. Watch the lights shift as you slide through the database with your mobile. Filter climbs by dificulty, setter, popularity. Light them up; add a comment; create your own. LED MoonBoard brings ease and interactive fun to every climbing session. 

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